Preach the Word


Preach the Word: Towards effective grassroots preacher training in sub-Saharan Africa

Want a copy of the dissertation?

If you have read the book then you have probably come here following the invitation in the book to obtain a copy of the dissertation that underpins the data, discussion and ideas it presents.

The original dissertation was entitled “Entrust these to faithful men: Towards a practical theology for training grassroots preachers in sub-Saharan Africa”. Through Moorlands College, the dissertation was submitted to the University of Gloucestershire in September 2015 in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MA in Applied Theology.

You can request a fully indexed pdf copy of the complete dissertation together with all annexes using the form on the contact page.

Wanting to give feedback?

The direction that the work now takes from here will very much depend on the ongoing experience of the trainers in the field in Malawi, and feedback from interested practitioners such as you.

If you have any comments about the work presented in the book, or in the dissertation, then please give your feedback through the contact page. Please also use the contact page if you are interested in discussing the re-use of the ‘Preach the Word’ training program within your context.

Want the book?

If you have not yet read the book then please do so before requesting the dissertation. It is available via your usual book store or can be obtained directly from the publisher (Apostolos Publishing) at their online store here.

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