Myles MacBean spent over 30 years in industry, while serving the church in the UK as an elder and preacher, and serving mission through trustee roles. In 2012 he left business life, extended his work in church and mission, and started an MA at Moorlands College. In 2014 he moved with his wife to Malawi as “Church Development Partners” with Zambesi Mission. There, Myles deployed his mix of theological, pastoral and strategic leadership experience for the benefit of the Church in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In November 2017 Myles and his wife returned to the UK and Myles now serves as the National Director of Scripture Union England and Wales.

At the moment ‘PtW Ministry’ is simply a platform for feedback by readers and practitioners on the work presented in the book and dissertation. Any future developments will be influenced by feedback and God given opportunities.

(Please note that the work described in the book and the dissertation, the concept of ‘PtW Ministry’, and this web site ptwministry.org have no association or relationship with other ministries or sites with similar names or web addresses.)

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