Preach the Word: Buy the book direct from the Paternoster Press.

Stepping Out With God: The site where Myles and Ruth blog about their ministry.

Physicist to published theologian: A Moorlands College blog about Myles and the book.

The Homiletic Window: An official pdf from Paternoster Periodicals of the earlier peer-reviewed paper by Myles that covers in more depth one of the models in the book. [Myles MacBean, “The Homiletic Window: A model for reflective preaching praxis”, Evangelical Review of Theology, 41:3, 2017, 209-221.]

Zambesi Mission: The website of the mission that supported Myles in the work.

Stepping out with God again: Myles and Ruth review their three years in Malawi on the ZM website.

Disciple the Nations Malawi: The Facebook page of the mission that enthusiastically picked up the roll-out of the Preach the Word grassroots preacher training course in Malawi.

BUILD Partners: The ministry of Jem Hovil and the Church of Uganda’s BUILD unit. Many of the analytical models used in the research described in the book are built on the earlier academic work of Jem. Some of the material used in the grassroots training course has also been based on the BUILD curriculum. Jem remains a great encouragement to the work.


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